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With the launch of the CBSS Project Support Facility, the Council of the Baltic States took one more step on the road towards a more project oriented regional cooperation. The main purpose of the CBSS Project Support Facility is to co-finance the development and implementation of Baltic Sea macro-regional cooperation projects, which would bring added value for the Baltic Sea Region, show impact in regional cooperation and foster long-term partnerships. The Project Support Facility should be used to facilitate project preparation and implementation in relation to the politically defined five priority areas of the CBSS. Every project applicant has to indicate the planned budget in an application form. Thereby, the planned costs must be divided into the following budget lines - personnel costs, travel and subsistence costs, sub-contracting costs, other direct costs and administration/ overhead. The total budget of the PSF may range from 10,000 to 50,000 EUR, in which projects must have secured a minimum of 10% co-funding. The planned timeframe of the facility is March 2013 until 2015, with a continuous open call for applications.

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