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Creative Europe is the European Commission's framework programme for support to the culture and media sectors. It has a budget of €1.46 billion over the next seven years and consists of two sub-programmes; the Culture sub-programme supporting performing and visual arts, heritage and other areas, and the MEDIA sub-programme which will provide funding for the cinema and audiovisual sector. It will also launch a new financial guarantee facility enabling small cultural and creative businesses to access up to €750 million in bank loans. The programme will allocate at least 56% of its budget for the MEDIA sub-programme and at least 31% for the Culture sub-programme. A maximum of 13% of the budget will be assigned to the cross-sectoral strand, which includes support for 'Creative Europe Desks' in each participating country, providing advice to potential beneficiaries. Around €60 million is earmarked for policy cooperation and for fostering innovative approaches to audience building and new business models.

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