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The EU funding programme Interreg Baltic Sea Region covers nine countries, eight of them EU Member States (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden) 

and Norway. Their Programme 2021-2027 creates an environment for public and private partners to work together across borders on their smart ideas. Interreg BSR funds projects that help implement actions in the policy areas of the EUSBSR action plan and supports macro-regional governance and coordination.


The Programme is structured along the following four priorities and nine sub-ordinate objectives:

1. Innovative societies:

1.1 Resilient economies and communities and 1.2 Responsive public services

2. Water-smart societies:

2.1 Sustainable waters and 2.2 Blue economy 

3. Climate-neutral societies:

3.1 Circular economy; 3.2 Energy transition and 3.3 Smart green mobility 

4. Cooperation governance:

4.1 Project platforms and 4.2 Macro-regional governance 

Projects are divided into core and small projects, with core projects including the preparation, piloting and transfer phase of solutions to a challenge related to an objective above. Small projects are not required to provide a practical solution as an outcome, but need to also set their focus on either trustbuilding, networking, resiliency or the outreach of the Programme.  


View their website for more information

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