PA Culture Rules of Procedure

BSSSC Position Paper on Culture (adopted by the BSSSC Board on 23 May 2018) 



ARS BALTICA >  http://www.ars-baltica.net

Baltic Development Forum (BDF)​​

Baltic Sea Youth Camphttps://www.balticyouthcamp.org

BSSSC (Baltic Sea States Subregional Co-Operation) > https://www.bsssc.com

Baltic Sea Cultural Centrehttps://www.nck.org.pl/en

CBSS (Council of Baltic Sea States) > https://www.cbss.org

NDPC (Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture) > https://www.ndpculture.org

Nordic Council of Ministershttps://www.norden.org/en

Swedish Institute (Swedish Institute) > https://si.se/en/

UBC (Union of the Baltic Cities) > https://www.ubc.net